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Primary Academy


In this section you can find much of the information relevant to you as a parent at Corby Primary Academy and links to websites we use at school.

Parent Pay - to make payments to school for trips, visits and to order school meals
Medical Form - for pupil medicines that need to be administered in school  

Please complete the medical form if you would like us to administer medication prescribed by your child’s doctor.  One form to be completed for each medication and only prescribed medication needing to be taken four times or more a day can be administered in school.  The school will only administer one dose during the school day.

The only exception to this will be where a child is in both breakfast and after school club in which case we will administer (once) if prescribed to be given 3 times or more per day.

 Administration of Long Term Medicines 

Please complete this form if your child needs to take medication during the day for long term medical conditions e.g. asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, allergy, etc.

Cool Milk

If your child is aged 5 and over and does not qualify for free school milk, you can register and pay for your child to receive milk in school. Please click the link below, it will take you to the Cool Milk Website.

Health Protection Advice