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Primary Academy

Meet our staff

   Interim Principal

Mrs Chrissie Barrington  


Deputy Principal

Mr Andrew Evans

   Class Teachers

Nursery (Bumblebees) Miss L Meehan
Reception (Butterflies) Miss A Hendry and Mrs C Turner
Reception (Ladybirds) Mrs E O'Donnell
Year 1 (Foxes) Miss E Ilko
Year 1 (Hedgehogs) Mrs J Burnham
Year 2 (Badgers) Miss D Clarke
Year 2 (Squirrels) Mr A Evans and Mrs R Powers
Year 3 (Cheetahs) Mrs K King
Year 3 (Giraffes) Mrs K Gregory
Year 4 (Rhinos) Mr J Mead
Year 4 (Zebras) Mrs L Ashcroft and Mrs M McKinnon
Year 5 (Falcons)

Mrs T Henshaw

Year 5 (Merlins) Mrs J Wallace
Year 6 (Kestrels)

Mrs S Mutch

Year 6 (Eagles) Miss F Johnson


Mrs T Sheridan

   Cover Supervisors

Mrs G Smart  
Mrs D McMahon  

   Teaching Assistants

Mrs D Aitchison
Mrs S Brown
Miss S Cameron
Mrs S Crysell
Mrs E Dack
Mrs C Edwards
Mrs K Fuller
Mr L Gray
Miss K Harvey
Mrs L Irvine
Mrs R Jenkins
Miss G Maciorowka
Miss D Mair
Mrs K Mikolajczyk
Miss L McIntyre
Mrs D McMahon
Miss J-L McQueen
Mrs L Need
Miss F Neale
Mrs T O'Boyle
Miss K O'Donovan
Mrs A Reeves
Mrs K Reilly
Mrs G Smart
Miss M Stocker

Mrs S Wookey

  Learning Mentors

Mrs A Dalkilic
Mrs S Traynor

 Senior Administrator

Ms C McQuillan


Mrs E Ellingworth

  Site Staff

Mr P Turner (Site Manager)

  Midday Supervisors

Sonia Brochado
Carolyn Carter 
Pinar Doughty
Sophie Goodwin
Katerina Gutt
Leah Hudson
Izabela Gros
Patricia Marshall
Sarah Small
Gemma Rhoden

  Breakfast Club

Kasia Gutt (Manager)
Pat Marshall

  Afterschool Club

Kasia Gutt (Manager)
Carolyn Carter
Sophie Goodwin
Leah Hudson


Sharon McGarrol
Tracy Buckland
Izabela Gros

  Chef Manager

Kayleigh Hayes


Melanie Knowles

  Catering Assistants

Loretta Carry
Sharon McGarrol