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Primary Academy


Curriculum Intent:

At Corby Primary Academy, we aim to develop mathematical thinkers who have a confident knowledge base, who can make connections and who are willing to face a challenge.

In order to achieve this:

Nurture: We nurture children to feel safe to ask questions and share ideas. We want children to be collaborators who advance not only their own, but others learning too, allowing them to develop the confidence and resilience to trust their independent ideas.


Curiosity (and play): We capture children's interest and motivate them to make connections, offer conjectures and to be able to convince themselves and others of their ideas. We aim to ensure that children are engaged and motivated by what they learn by encouraging critical, independent thinking – allowing children to explore and share their own mathematical ideas and methods using a variety of concrete manipulatives from the early years, right through to upper key stage 2.


Diversity: We recognise that mathematics is not 'one size fits all'. We encourage an 'all ideas/questions welcome' ethos whereby children listen to one another and build on each other's ideas. Children treat each other fairly, respecting differences in methods and concepts and support one another to achieve.


Ambition: We support our children to be mathematicians who believe that they can achieve. We do this by ensuring that children have a concrete mathematical understanding which underpins concepts – this gives children the confidence to be ambitious. We also encourage a can-do attitude whereby we ensure children understand that knowledge does not happen overnight and that hard work and ambition will support their success.