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Primary Academy


Curriculum Intent:

We aim for our children to leave our school with the ability to understand the chronological events of history alongside significant people who have made an impact on our society today. We would hope this approach to our history curriculum, with the guidance of the National Curriculum, will help cultivate our children to become well-rounded individuals.

Our history curriculum believes that learning about significant events and people throughout history will lay the foundations of an enquiring and curious mind. By exposing our children to a wide range of historical knowledge and interpretations, we aim for them to question and develop their own ideas and opinions.

Our local area has a rich and diverse history. This is incorporated into our history curriculum. By studying our local areas, we can begin to develop an understanding of how lives for people today are influenced by the past and help the children form those connections. 

By providing a diverse and engaging history curriculum, we hope to give children the opportunities to explore and expand their own interests in history. We provide the children with the foundation for them to build upon themselves.

We believe our curriculum provides nurture for our children through a variety of different ways: exposure to history that they can relate to, promoting their own interests and valuing their opinions.


Nurture is embedded in our history curriculum by allowing pupils to make connections to their own identities from events and periods in history.


Curiosity is immersed in our history curriculum through children being given opportunities to be able to enquire, explore and develop their knowledge of significant periods.


Diversity is a foundation of our history curriculum; the children are given the opportunity to make connections between local, regional, national and international history. Additionally, considering cultural, economic, political and religious influences.


Ambition can be found in our curriculum through giving children the opportunity to learn about important aspects of history which thus drives their motivation to extend their own knowledge further.