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Primary Academy


Curriculum Intent:

Our aim is for Geography to inspire in children a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will encourage a lifelong interest. Children learn about places and the processes (human and physical) that shape the environment, as well as the skills needed to collect and interpret information. We learn about local, British and world geography.


Nurture: We encourage children to make links between their own experiences and knowledge of their locality, as well as finding out about our country and the wider world beyond. Children are encouraged to think about how humans can have both a positive and negative impact upon the environment and people. We help children recognise their role in becoming responsible global citizens and introduce them to the concept of sustainability.


Curiosity: Geography is an exciting and relevant subject. We encourage children's curiosity about the world and its people. Through research, enquiry, the use of fieldwork, technology and other tools such as maps and atlases children are encouraged to explore and learn. We equip them with the skills to ask and answer geographical questions which may be simple or more complex.


Diversity: Britain is a very diverse place with a rich cultural and ethnic history. Geography is very well placed to help children understand the world that we live within here and now, looking beyond our immediate community and locality. We learn about diverse people, places and environments. We encourage respect towards other cultures and understanding of what it means to be a positive citizen in a multicultural country. We help children to understand and value diversity, and to challenge assumptions.


Ambition: Our aims are to build upon prior learning and to encourage children's interest in finding out more. Children are encouraged to follow their interests and learn about places and environmental issues outside of the classroom, and to take an interest how they can make a positive contribution towards improving the environment, no matter how small.